What I loved about this session is about how this mama was confident and sexy in her pregnant body! Pregnant women can sometimes feel insecure about their changing body;  it goes so fast and it’s out of their control. I wish they could see themselves the way I see them (and this is what I hope to do with my photography) : as goddesses in full power of love, beauty and creation! We spend a lovely time together, chatting, laughing. She showed up all soaking wet from walking in the pouring rain from her car to the appartement. She had spend time doing her make up and hair and could have been so negative about it, but she showed up with this huge smile on her face and just accepted it and embraced the situation! Anyway, all fo this to say I: loved everything about this session and hope you’ll enjoy what came out of it!  

Kind words from the mama:

“I posed for a maternity session with Alison. She was kind, soft, and put me immediately at ease! She was super reactive to give me the photos, I had a wonderful time and the photos were sublime and perfect to put this unforgettable memories in my photo album! “