Hi, I'm Alison,

Your maternity, pregnancy, new born & breastfeeding photographer

I'm a 27 and I was born and raised in South of France. I'm empathic, emotional, romantic, open minded, creative, spiritual & Vegan.

Here is a little bit more about me and my story…

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Some stuff you need to know about me

I'm obsessed with:

I have a degree in

My cat, Milo

My FAVOURITE person is

Nothing makes me happier than

Being of service & creative

My partner

My favorite food

when i'm not working i'm probably

Italian & Indian Food

Rewatching The Office

most watched movie

i dream of

A peaceful life by a lake

pregnant woman looking at the window

You might wonder

Why I decided to do maternity photos?

My partner Lance and I have been talking about having a child for a while now because we both got this strange feeling he's present with us already, like floating above us. One day I came back home and told Lance I saw a woman with a baby and it wasn't like I got the feeling “I want a baby” that struck me but “I miss my son so much”. He's not here yet, and we are waiting for us to be ready for him, but we feel we already know him and he's here with us. Because of these feelings, my passion for maternity and motherhood was born and I decided I wanted to capture and connect with mothers and became a maternity photographer.

The Experience


Baby breastfeeding and looking at his mother