The EMPRESS Offering

1-1 Birthing support

Do you know deep inside you that you are meant to experience a powerful, transcending and sovereign birth? Did you come to the realisation that the medical paradigm of birth doesn't align with your values?

With this offering I will walk with you on a beautiful journey of remembrance and consciousness.

We will connect deeply and make sure you are energetically aligned with your birth vision. I will be there to support you and hold space for you and you're baby's magical journey to unfold.


• 4 prenatal in person consultations
• 4 postpartum visits
• Birth attendance & Support
• Village prenatal access
• Unlimited Phone/text support



Here is a (not exhaustive) list of the services that I might provide for you in

pre-conception, conception, pregnancy, birth & postpartum*



* I work in an intuitive way which mean I let my intuition guide me to what you will best benefit you and what you are calling out for.